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CCON4.50  chart+0.00  chart +0.00%

PacificWave Partners Limited closed the acquisition of a controlling interest in CoConnect, Inc.

LOS ANGELES, May 5, 2014 – PacificWave Partners Limited (PacificWave Partners), an innovatory global merchant bank and investment management firm, announced that on May 1, 2014 it closed, on behalf of itself and a group of private investors based in Europe, the acquisition of a controlling interest in CoConnect, Inc. (OTCQB:CCON), a publicly traded Nevada corporation (the Company). The transaction consisted of the purchase from three of the Company’s shareholders of 2,582,767 shares of the Company’s common stock, representing 93.9% of the outstanding shares (excluding options and warrants). In addition, the selling shareholders surrendered for cancellation 100,000 shares of the Company’s Series B Preferred Stock. Other terms of the transaction were not disclosed. The Company is a publicly traded shell corporation with no current operations.


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