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Current Engagements

  • Visit Client's SiteRocketFuel Blockchain, Inc.

    Rocketfuel Blockchain, Inc. is a blockchain technology company. Rocketfuel has invented new technologies that provide high efficiency in the ‘check out’ registration process. Merchants deploy Rocketfuel systems to enable single-click impulse purchases with highly automated merchant fulfillment support. Furthermore, Rocketfuel technologies enhances consumer privacy by completely excluding sensitive data, for example spending authority, thus completely changing the shopping cart paradigm. Rocketfuel merchant systems promote new kinds of checkout in environments totally excluded by conventional on-line and real world scenarios.
  • Visit Client's SiteMastermind, Inc.

    Mastermind, Inc. helps involve people with leading brands in ways that inspire them to take action – consideration, trial, loyalty, advocacy. Mastermind campaigns employ the right mix of content, influencer marketing, gamification, social, digital, mobile and promotion to achieve brand objectives and drive ROI.
  • Visit Client's SiteSupplematix

    Supplematix is a next generation health and wellness company focused on delivering best-in-class cannabidiol (CBD) products by leveraging science and technology. Their flagship product, HangOVER, is a two-ounce, easy-to-take CBD shot formulated with vitamins, herbal components, and of course, CBD oil, which are all expertly combined to help consumers make the most of their day after drinking. With the CBD market expected to be over $20 billion by 2022, Supplematix intends to become a leader in the industry by sourcing, manufacturing, and distributing effective CBD products to the new generation.