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Current Engagements

  • Visit Client's SiteRocketFuel Blockchain Company

    Rocketfuel is a blockchain technology company. Rocketfuel has invented new technologies that provide high efficiency in the ‘check out’ registration process. Merchants deploy Rocketfuel systems to enable single-click impulse purchases with highly automated merchant fulfillment support. Furthermore, Rocketfuel technologies enhances consumer privacy by completely excluding sensitive data, for example spending authority, thus completely changing the shopping cart paradigm. Rocketfuel merchant systems promote new kinds of checkout in environments totally excluded by conventional on-line and real world scenarios.
  • Visit Client's SiteGlobal Renewable Energy

    Global Renewable Energy is a Netherlands-based leading developer and operator of solar and wind energy projects in Europe, the Caribbean, Asia and Africa/Middle East. The company develops, constructs and operates solar and wind energy projects in several niches, including emerging markets, large solar rooftop installations, wholesale, private lease, and cell- and panel-production projects.
  • Visit Client's SiteGanni

    Ganni is a Danish fashion brand founded in 2000 with the vision to create the classic pieces in a woman’s wardrobe that her girlfriends envy. From its humble beginnings with small collections of stripes and cashmere sweaters, Ganni has since grown into an international fashion label with full-scale collections including shoes, accessories and an ever so popular lingerie line, but the vision remains the same. Ganni is sold worldwide in Europe, Japan, USA, Canada and Russia.