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Agricon Global Corporation Announces the Addition of a Board Member

Agricon Global Corporation (Agricon) (OTC BB: AGRC), announced today the election of Peter Opata as a new director. Mr. Opata joins James U. Jensen, Rene Mikkelsen, Soren Jonassen,  and Robert Bench on the board, bringing the total number of directors to five. Agricon also announced that Mr. Allan Kronborg, will serve on Agricon’s Advisory Board and also as a business consultant to the Company.

Mr. Opata, age 45, graduated from the University of Ghana, Legon in 1996. He joined Lowe and Partners, a global network of agencies that build great  brands, as an Advertising and Marketing Executive in March 1997. He was responsible for global companies, including BMW, Barclays Bank, Unilever and Scancom, now MTN. In September 1999, Mr. Opata moved to Denmark where he attended Aalborg University, and acquired a Masters Degree in Development Studies and International Relations. With a great desire to use the new knowledge acquired, he joined Ghana Foreign Service in October 2002.


Agricon Global Corporation Announces Over Subscription of Private Placement

Lehi, Utah, November 8, 2012—Agricon Global Corporation (Agricon) (OTC BB: AGRC), announced today its acceptance of an additional, over-subscribed $500,000 for its private placement offering of common stock. Previously the Company had raised a total of $610,000, issuing 1,220,000 shares at the same price of fifty cents per share. The Company had a requirement to raise a minimum of $600,000 as part of its acquisition of Canola Property Ghana Limited, a transaction that was completed on March 31, 2012, and met that requirement when it closed on the initial $610,000. This transaction brings the total to $1,110,000 for the issuance of 2,220,000 shares in the private placement offering.


Agricon Global Corporation Announces Completion of Private Placement

LEHI, UT, Jul 12, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — Agricon Global Corporation (Agricon) (OTCBB: AGRC), announced today the completion of its initial private placement of 1,220,000 shares of its common stock.
As part of Agricon’s requirements to acquire all of the outstanding shares of Canola Property Ghana Limited (CPGL) which was completed on March 31, 2012, Agricon undertook to raise at least $600,000 in an initial round of funding to finance startup activities of the combined companies. The company received subscriptions and cash receipts for $610,000 as of July 12, 2012.

Bob Bench, President of Agricon, said: “In addition to the CPGL long-term lease we have identified two additional long-term leases (50 years) totally over 30,000 acres of agricultural land in Ghana, West Africa. With the initial capital we have completed the survey of the land, paid the first down payments on the three leases, opened our offices in Ghana, secured the services of three top executives and hired our senior managers to oversee our farming operations. We are now prepared to raise our second round of funding to begin clearing the land and planting of our first crops.”


Agricon Global Corporation (Formerly BayHill Capital Corporation) Announces Completion of Merger With Canola Property Ghana Limited

LEHI, UT — (Marketwire) — 04/04/12 — Agricon Global Corporation (“Agricon,” formerly BayHill Capital Corporation) (OTCBB: BYHL) announced today the completion of its acquisition of Canola Property Ghana Limited (“CPGL”) effective March 31, 2012. This project enables Agricon to pursue its objective of engaging in large-scale crop farming in Ghana. The transaction will be accounted for as a reverse merger with CPGL as the surviving company and remaining as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company. The new shareholders from the CPGL transaction will own about 66% of the Company in the form of 12,000,000 shares of newly issued common stock issued under the Stock Exchange Agreement. The Company recently changed its name from BayHill to Agricon to reflect this new focus and the Company will soon apply for a new trading symbol.

Agricon announced further that it has received cash of $500,000 and subscriptions for $110,000 toward its continuing private placement of up to 2 million shares for a total of $1,000,000.


PacificWave Partners Launches Stingray Partners

Copenhagen, Denmark, November 21, 2011 – PacificWave Partners, an innovatory global merchant bank and investment management firm, is pleased to announce it has launched Stingray Partners, a new international strategic & tactical investment advisory and business management consultancy company in collaboration with long-time investment banking partner, Impact Capital.

Stingray Partners Limited and its first hybrid international investment vehicle, Stingray Infrastructure One Limited, initially will be placing GBP: 30 million in global intersectoral investments, mainly renewable energy, conventional energy, mining, natural resources, information technology and aviation. The investment vehicle will acquire minority equity participations in companies identified by Stingray Partners, which meet its selection criteria in the aforementioned, non-related. investment areas.

The purpose of Stingray Partners is to provide tactical and strategic financing and investment advice as well as business management consultancy services to companies around the world.

To learn more, please go to


PacificWave Partners Retained by Mobile Gaming Behemoth

Los Angeles, California, September 19, 2011 – PacificWave Partners, an innovatory global merchant bank and investment management firm, is pleased to announce that Gedda-Headz, a promising mobile gaming company, has engaged PacificWave Partners to raise its next round of financing.

Gedda-Headz has developed a multiplayer social mobile gaming application, compatible with today’s most common cell phone operating systems, including those on non-smart phones. Nokia recently announced that this game along with the popular game, Angry Birds, will be the sole preinstalled games on most their next generation products.

“I am very excited to be raising capital for such an auspicious company,” Henrik Rouf, Managing Director of PacificWave Partners stated. “The mobile gaming industry is a rapidly growing market, by many considered far more valuable and viable than the conventional gaming market, and with its comprehensive agreement with Nokia, Gedda-Headz’s future looks promising.”

PacificWave Partners intends to close the financing by yearend. 


PacificWave Partners Launches Luxembourg Offices

Los Angeles, California, September 6, 2011 – PacificWave Partners, an innovatory global merchant bank and investment management firm, is pleased to announce it has launched its new Luxembourg offices, appointing Mr. Henrik Oerbekker as Managing Partner.

In addition to its Los Angeles, Copenhagen and Berlin offices, PacificWave Partners is now also represented in Luxembourg, strategically expanding its network within the European business arena. Currently, Luxembourg provides one of the healthiest and viable economies on the continent, and being famous for its lucrative business conditions and favorable legislation, this expansion is a natural advancement for PacificWave Partners.

With a widespread experience within international finance, Mr. Henrik Oerbekker will skillfully attend to the day-to-day management of the entity, solidifying PacificWave Partners already strong presence in Europe. 


BayHill Capital Corporation and Proteus Energy Corporation Announce Signing of Merger Agreement

Lehi, Utah and Santa Monica, California, August 8, 2011—BayHill Capital Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: BYHL) and Proteus Energy Corporation, a privately held company, announced today that they entered into a merger agreement pursuant to which BayHill will acquire Proteus in a reverse merger transaction.

The consummation of the merger is subject to certain and customary conditions, including the adoption of the merger agreement by Proteus stockholders and the raise of at least $2 million of a planned $5 million private placement by BayHill, and if consummated will result in a change in control of BayHill. The parties may terminate the merger agreement if the merger is not completed by October 31, 2011. In connection with the change of control there will be a new board of directors and management of BayHill.