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Agricon Global Corporation Announces Over Subscription of Private Placement

Lehi, Utah, November 8, 2012—Agricon Global Corporation (Agricon) (OTC BB: AGRC), announced today its acceptance of an additional, over-subscribed $500,000 for its private placement offering of common stock. Previously the Company had raised a total of $610,000, issuing 1,220,000 shares at the same price of fifty cents per share. The Company had a requirement to raise a minimum of $600,000 as part of its acquisition of Canola Property Ghana Limited, a transaction that was completed on March 31, 2012, and met that requirement when it closed on the initial $610,000. This transaction brings the total to $1,110,000 for the issuance of 2,220,000 shares in the private placement offering.


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